Technical Projects and Legalization

Thanks to our partner company Euroelectra ( ), we can perform a variety of projects and legalizations of all facilities. Transacted registration with the Institution of Inspection and Control, managing visas in the corresponding Professional Association.

The main works that we do are:

  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Energy Certificate
  • Technical Building Inspection (ITE)
  • Reports: electrical or white, recognition or blue, water, gas (IRG) ...
  • Projects legalization
  • Business licenses
  • Informes
  • Technical certifications
  • Verdicts

Did you know? For all homes, new or used, they must have a corresponding certificate of occupancy and energy certificate.

The certificate of occupancy is a document that certifies their suitability for use as housing, is currently mandatory for any transaction of sale or rent.

The Energy Certificate reports on energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a building. Mandatory in Spain from 1st June 2013, for any operation of sale or rent.

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